All Baltic Amber Jewellery For Sale Is Not The Same

You could be forgiven for thinking that all Baltic amber jewellery is made in the same way. Well this would be true if it weren’t for all the fake / replicas that seem to be gaining an ever increasing presence in the market. Just as you would expect with any popular item increasing demand for amber teething necklaces has brought con artists and chancers out of the woodwork like there’s no tomorrow.

At such a low price of between 10 and $20 the people who make these replicas know that there is little chance of people either testing them correctly once they have purchased them or making a charge back on their credit card. Many people don’t even know that genuine Baltic amber should floats in salty water or even that they should get some sort of certification that proves that the amber teething jewellery that they have bought is the real deal.

Even if the necklace or anklet that you have bought is real there are still manufacturers who don’t take the necessary safety precautions that others do. If you buy an amber teething necklace you should do your research before clicking the “buy now” button to ensure that safety features such as a safety clasp and the ability for the necklace or anklet to only drop one piece of amber at a time in the event of breakage are in place.

These are crucial pieces of information to keep in mind since you don’t want to have a situation where your child can potentially choke or strangle themselves on the piece of string that holds the pieces of amber. This is why the safety clasp is of utmost importance as it will release the neck lace from around the child’s neck as soon as it comes into contact with anything which might snag it.

The second safety feature is not exactly childproof but it does reduce the chances of them swallowing and/or choking on one of the small pieces if the amber teething necklace breaks. If you are missing even one of these features on your necklace then you should consider returning it to the seller and asking for a replacement or a refund.

Despite all of this people still make the mistake in either opting to buy fakes because they either don’t have all the information or have been simply misled by the sales tactics on one of these dodgy sites. Although they have great intentions in mind for their children and know of the healing properties that succinic acid in the amber, many young children aren’t getting any of the benefit that they otherwise should have gotten simply because the parents made an ill-advised decision and bought the necklace that wasn’t fit for purpose.

Since genuine Baltic amber can only be gotten in Western Europe in an area known as the Baltic lands, each and every piece of genuine Baltic amber that is used should be easily able to be traced back to here. If you don’t know if your piece of jewellery is genuine or not then you can easily test it by performing the salty water test. To do this, fill a bowl with some water and add some salt to the mix. When you feel that you have a sufficient level of salt in the water so that it is akin to seawater you can then place your amber teething necklace inside the bowl. If the necklace sinks then unfortunately you have been sold fake that is most likely made out of plastic. On the other hand if the amber pieces float on the surface of the water and congratulations you have purchased a rare piece of genuine Baltic amber jewellery that can be used to treat your child’s teething pain.

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