Collecting Silicone Babies Can Be So Frustrating

After hanging out with some women on an online forum that deals with collecting silicone babies one thing became abundantly clear couple of weeks after I had joined. This is what eventually led to me closing my account keeping to my own business and what I speak about is the clear snobbery that exists in quite a number of the women who collect silicone baby dolls and post about them online.

It’s not good enough for them simply to buy a doll that is what a couple of hundred dollars. No, for these women they have to spend a couple of thousand dollars at least just to make themselves feel special. Each to their own I would normally say but then to have the gall to come online and tell me that the dolls I am collecting and worth my time is preposterous to say the least. Who do they think they are in saying that my cute little silicone baby dolls with their cute as a button faces aren’t as good as their more expensive models. Who is to say that the price you pay dictates whether your reborn doll is better than mine?

I only have one reborn doll and I love are with all of my heart. I won’t go into the full details but for medical reasons I cannot and will never have a real child of my own. Because of this a few years ago I decided by a silicone baby and treated as though it were one of my own real children. I looked after her when she cries and put to bed every evening after reading her favourite book. Emma is her name and I ordered her from Amazon when I was just 23 years old. Before you think I’m crazy I can assure you that I am not. I just have a maternal instinct that every other woman has and needs to be satisfied.

Speaking of crazy, some of the women that I encountered on these forums really takes the biscuit. Of course I didn’t speak to all of them but the ones that I did speak to were only too keen to boast about the hundreds of dolls they have saved in every area in the house with most claiming that their silicone babies cost $1000 or more, with some women even having gone so far as ordering a custom-made doll for more than $5000. You could get at her for this money for God’s sake!

I know that little Emma as a call her is just made from vinyl material and will never replace what I can’t have, but she is so lifelike looking that when I bring her on shopping trips with me or over to my friend’s houses, anybody can set eyes on her is immediately transfixed and I get compliments about how realistic she looks on an almost daily basis. Maybe it’s her long blonde tresses or her sparkling little eyes, but if I were to put my finger on it I would have to say that it’s probably a combination of all the hard work that has gone into making her.

And don’t forget that she is only a doll that I paid no more than $200 for at the time. I’ve since thrown out the packaging that she came in but I’m pretty sure that she is made by Paradise Galleries. I have looked on their website since but I see that she is not for sale any more so maybe this is a good thing. Maybe the silicone baby doll that I have is quite a rare version and perhaps could even be worth some money in years to come. Yet I would not sell my beautiful little baby for love nor money and if you were to buy a silicone baby for yourself and sure you would feel the same way.

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