Keep Personal Items Stored In A Drysuit Pouch

One of the main advantages that a drysuit has over a wetsuit is the ability to keep personal items stored away within the suit while keeping them dry. Items such as your keys, phone and wallet can be kept inside a waterproof pouch meaning that you will no longer have to hide them under your beach towel as you enter the water. In reality, you won’t even need to bring any towel with you as the drysuit is designed to keep you free from any water. This means that you can just slip on and off your drysuit whenever and wherever you feel like getting in and out of the water.

Of course it would take a brave man or woman for that matter to chance keeping such an expensive item such as a mobile phone in his pouch what we have done it on occasion and have never had to worry about it getting wet. Perhaps the most important or the expensive to damage items that would be best for bringing in the pouch would be items such as spools, compasses and other guideline devices.

This is all quite trivial compared to the checks that you should make before entering the water in your drysuit. One of the most important thing that you can do in this situation is to ensure that the inflator and dumps and working as they should be. If everything seems to be an order in this department then always remember to apply a little bit of lubricating wax to the zip of your drysuit both before you enter the water and once you get out of it. The lubricating wax will help the zipper slide more freely and allow you to climb in and out of the dry suit without having to worry about the zipper becoming stuck. This is the main area where water usually get into the drysuit, but with a little care you can prevent this and all with the help of just a little lubricating oil.

So long as you keep to the guidelines that we have listed above then the other and probably only remaining likelihood of water in getting into your drysuit comes from the neck and wrist seals. Both of these are usually made from a rubberlike material that is easily ripped or torn. There’s not much you can do to prevent them from ripping other than taking care of them as best you can. This doesn’t mean that eventually they will rip or tear, but if you fail to keep them in the condition that they need to be kept then you can expect this to happen at some stage or another during the lifetime expectancy of your drysuit. The last thing that you want to do is to have to begin searching for a new drysuit for sale, especially considering that the majority of these underwater garments can cost from between US$600-US$2000.

It’s quite a scary thing to have to deal with when and neck gasket or wrist seal begins to leak water, especially when you are underwater. The sudden flow of cold water coming in on top of you can make you feel scared and panic is usually the first thing that comes to mind. This is when you need to keep a cool head about yourself and remember that the buoyancy control that you have control over can be used to push yourself to the surface of the water. This is not the conventional use for the buoyancy control as it is usually used to keep you stable at a certain height in the water during your dive, but in the case of an emergency like this you can use it to decompress yourself and this will allow you to float to the surface.

If you have not yet bought one but are considering buying one from the many drysuits for sale online than the good news is that you are about to make an informed and educated decision that will repay itself over many times in your life. If we have to put our finger on it we would probably say that the very best thing about the drysuit is the freedom that it gives you in being able to get in and out of the water without there being any evidence of you ever having been in the water in the first place. This is a tribute to how dry a drysuit actually keeps you and as any wetsuit owner will tell you this is the best feeling in the world.

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