Feminized Marijuana Seeds Vs Cloning Cannabis Plants

Marijuana seed banks often breed their own strains of cannabis by taking two of the best and most potent weed plants and producing pot seeds that contain the best characteristics of each of these. Since these weed seeds are the offspring of the two potent and high yielding cannabis plants you get the best of both worlds. After repeating this process for many generations you end up with the very best phenotypes that are worthy of selling.

Some of the best marijuana seed banks are listed online, with most offering what is known as feminized cannabis seeds. Feminized, or female pot seeds are produced by coating a female cannabis plant with colloidal silver which reverses the sexing process and enables it to mate with itself. The resulting marijuana seeds then produce all-female plants. This is a breakthrough in horticultural technology that has saved thousands of growers the time and hassle of having to remove male marijuana plants from their grow operation.

Unless you are planning on breeding marijuana like this then you really have no need to buy regular cannabis seeds. This leaves you with two options - one is to purchase feminised marijuana seeds, and the second is to clones from a female cannabis plant.

To successfully create could things are clones as they are known of your favourite female bud producer, you should firstly allow it to grow to are respectable size of at least 3 feet tall before taking any cuttings. Treat the mother plant as you would any other cannabis plant by giving it the correct style, nutrients and water. The plant itself will then need between 18 to 24 hours of light from a 400 W halogen bulb. If you can keep it at a 24 hour per day light schedule and this will help speed up the vegetative process and this will keep them in a constant growth cycle.

Don’t ever take any cuttings from a plant that has entered the flowering process, since doing this will cause the cuttings to become stressed and if they are looking enough to survive this they will produce a low yielding and generally speaking sickly little plant.

When you are ready to take some cuttings from the plant for your clones you should firstly prepare some rockwool pellets which you will use to place your cuttings in. Take a clone from anywhere on the plant where a healthy branch has developed from the main stem. To do this use and very sharp knife or if possible a razor blade and sliced as a diagonal angle along the shaft of the stem.

Cutting at a 45 degree angle will create the largest surface area possible which helps the clone receive the oxygen and air that it will need to begin producing roots.

Remove the larger leaves to enable the younger leaves to be able to develop better, and course a series of small notches in the stem in the last bottom inch. These notches will help the route to develop quicker. If you want to really speed up the process then consider purchasing a root hormone solution that you can dip the end of the plants into.

When you have transferred the cuttings into the rockwool containers you won’t need to feed them for a few days until they begin to develop some small roots. All you need to do at this stage is to spray their leaves with water that is they looted with a small amount of nutrient rich organic matter and the leaves will absorb the moisture. Always perform this process when the lights are off so that you do not burn the young cannabis plants’ leaves. When you are done feeling them, put them under a 400 watt halogen light for 18 to 24 hours per day in order to hasten their root growing momentum.

Try not to disturb their rockwool environment for the next week and a half, but after about 10 days you should notice that the roots have begun to develop nicely and it is now time to transplant them to grow pot of your choice.

If you were to take just one or two cuttings a week from a female marijuana plant you would never have to worry about buying feminised cannabis seeds again. Yes not all of us have the luxury of being able to constantly grow marijuana the entire year around, since in most areas it is illegal to do anyway and the chances of being caught significantly increase if you never take a break from growing. Luckily however, there is always a plentiful supply of this type of marijuana seeds for sale online.

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