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At some stage in early 2013 Zeobit sold the rights to Mackeeper to a company now known as Kromtech Alliance Corp. Zeobit had their headquarters based in Sunnyvale, California but then new owners now operate the business from their headquarters in Cologne, Germany. This was a smart move on Zeobit and perhaps Kromtech’s behalf and since then it has emerged that a lawsuit has been filed against Zeobit for their actions surrounding the advertising of Mackeeper while it was under their ownership. The lawsuit resulted in Zeobit having to pay a fine of close to $2 million in both legal fees and as refunds to people who purchased the software during their reign of ownership.

Although many of the staff switched companies and still work there today, it’s not as though Kromtech are carrying on the same practices. In fact having owned a copy of the software since 2011 I can see a clear difference in the management styles and I have nothing but praise to give the new owners. Perhaps it’s down to the fact that they changed their price structure from what was a one-time payment to and now yearly payment, but it seems that they are constantly on top of any problems that arise in any area of the program. This particularly applies to the antivirus module since there are always new threats emerging from hackers and criminals and it’s important that they stay up-to-date and ahead of these cyber attacks.

With their real-time protection built into the software combined with the ability to scan your hard drive for any detection of malware, trojans or worms that may have infected your Mac it makes surfing the web and much more enjoyable and stress free experience.

Protecting you against viruses isn’t the only thing that Mackeeper can do though and with its complete range of 16 miniature applications it seems to have every area covered from both cleanup to deletion of files and saving of space.

If you want to save a colossal amount of space on your hard drive then simply download and install the software by using a Mackeeper coupon code and you can cut out a massive amount of junk files that may have built up on your system over time in no more than a few minutes. This isn’t just something that you will do once, since you can set it to automatically delete any of these junk files whenever and wherever you want based on a few simple instructions that you input to the software.

Downloading other applications often leaves you with a slew of unwanted program files that you will likely never use. Some of these files are language files that unless you are multilingual and speak every language in the world then you won’t want to keep them hidden away on your operating system. Again with just a quick couple of clicks of the button from the beautifully designed user interface you can remove more of these junk files and never have to worry about seeing them again.

Encrypting your files is something that you should consider doing on a regular basis. There are always files that you would not want anybody else seeing so quite take the chance when you can easily use the data encryptor that comes with Mackeeper to completely hide and eliminate the chance of anybody discovering your important documents. Just set a password and choose an area of your disk where you want the files to be stored that only you will know about and nobody will ever be able to find them. Even if somebody did come across the files they would need to know the password that is unbreakable even for a modern day hacker.

These are just some of the main modules in Mackeeper. We could speak about these all day long but as you probably know the best thing to do is to dive right in and get to know how to use the software yourself. So what’s keeping you!

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