Trying Out A New Saddle With Our Horse

When we are trying out a new saddle with our horse we generally tack him up in the same way as usual but with the new saddle in place we ask him to walk slowly for at least a couple of miles just so he gets used to the feeling of wearing it. After a couple of miles we will then feel confident in asking him to step it up to a trot.

To know if the saddle is bridging are not we test by using the three finger method. This involves placing three fingers between the pommel and the cantle and let you know if the saddle is rocking too much or not. By sitting on the horse’s saddle and alternating your weight from side to side you can tell whether or not the saddle fit your horse as if you feel either the pommel or cantle digging into your fingers while you have been placed between them then you know that the saddle that you have chosen is a poor fit.

If this is the case then if possible you should consider returning the saddle to the seller and having a new look at some of the other saddles for sale that they have in stock. It is highly important to choose a saddle that will fit your horse appropriately otherwise they might experience significant back pain in years to come and you really don’t want to have this on your conscience as others have had in the past. The book really stops with you as the horse’s owner or rider so please be kind to your horse and considered of their need as you begin your journey in buying a brand-new or replacing a horse saddle for them.

With that being said choosing one of the many horse saddles for sale really isn’t as difficult as it would sound. The main point to remember is that it should fit both you and the horse while still remaining suitable for the job at hand or the discipline for which it is intended to be used.

If you are having difficulty in locating the pommel or the cantle then there is a world of information available to you online. Google is your friend as many people would say. It is difficult for us to explain exactly where you would find them on each breed of horse or with each design of saddle, but on our horse which is a cremello (a pale creamy coloured horse with white tail and the mane), they can generally be found just between the saddle and the stirrups.

It’s not all about getting the best saddles for sale that money can buy however. You need to be considered of your horse’s needs in all aspects of its life and not just in terms of the comfort that you will be giving it by giving it the appropriate saddle that it needs. When you were out and about trotting with your horse, remember that these are steal animals at the end of the day and they need to eat and drink just as you and I would. As part of any healthy horse’s diet, grass is loaded with a electrolytes that will give your horse the energy that it needs to carry you about but even short distances. If you are planning on a long or medium trip on board your horse then allow them to stop every once in a while to take in some much-needed water and grass since the and machines at the end of the day!

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